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6 hafta sürecek olan Ülker Çekiliş Kampanyası başladı.Her hafta 1 kişiye Audi A3 ve 10 kişiye Iphone 4S veriyor.

May 2011, we started Gulf Fuel Road show activity which will last for 6 months

On 1st May 2011, we held product distribution with NIVEA ?TED&Hulya Avsar? Veteran's Tennis Tournament.

23/24 April 2011, Ulker in store events.We carried out distribution of chocolate and balloons, face painting and picture-taking activity in 10 different Carrefour store

On 15/24 April 2011, we performed an activity as Ulker Chocolate Workshop in Carrefour Shopping Center in Icerenkoy

April 2011, Pi Square is now in Europe

Ozkan Barlas,who works within Turkcell Chain Stores Project has won an award on his creative work in increasing sales.Sureyya Ciliv presented him the award at the ceremony

We are carrying out the visual dressing of Essporto sports halls sponsored by Avon between the dates of September 2010 - July 2011.

We did the last activity of the year 2010 with AVON.

Obaçay the midst of life ... We continue our activities after the last 3 month of the year 2010 and in 5 major cities in 2011 for a period of 3 months.

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